9. Site of Shradeen / Barry’s Mill

For at least two centuries the middle-town between the two rivers was known as Shradeen (Gaelic: the little street) and this gave its name to an extensive five-storey construction on the water’s edge.

Mrs Geraldine Kennelly ,Kanturk ,and a friend on the metal bridge outside Barry’s Mill

Built by Dan and Michael Callaghan for Rev. Matt Purcell in partnership with Michael Callaghan, work commenced in 1805. Business thrived for a short period during the Napoleonic wars and a brewery and distillery were added. Post-war decline in demand saw management transferred from the Callaghans to William Barry in the 1820s, the last member of whose family was Dr. Edward Sheehy-Barry. Reduced operation continued until after the second World War when the building, in a state of terminal disintegration, had to be demolished.

Now it’s only remaining relics are a dried-up mill race and miller’s residence.