33. DD Sheehan

Daniel Desmond Sheehan was born in Knockardrahan, near Kanturk in the year 1874 . His father was a small tenant farmer and the family was evicted
from their farm in 1880, an event which had a huge influence on DD’s life . The family then came to live in Percival St in Kanturk where D.D attended school,, From that no family of three boys and one girl ,DD rose to make a considerable
mark on local and National politics ….

He became a teacher, a journalist,a member of the British Parliament from1901 to 1918 , a barrister and a soldier.He was a huge champion of the Irish Labourer and his greatest achievement was in having 40,000 labourers cottages built on one acre site , to replace the mud cabins used by the poor of the countryside .These were afterward known as Sheehan Cottages…..