30. Brogeen Mills

This, strangely enough, is the oldest mill-site in the district despite its remoteness from the town’s nerve-centre. It is not mentioned in the 1657 rent-roll but forms part of the glowing assessment of the townland by Sir Philip Percival in 1677.

The mill stream was made close to the present Monevara bridge and the mill-wheel itself was of the undershot variety.

The mill had a chequered career, suffering from poor management at times, market fluctuations, and trade opposition from the more conveniently-located Greenane mill which faced the tillage lands of eastern Duhallow. It was in ruins in 1842 but revived under the management of Daniel C. Daly in 1868.

Competition soon came from Barry’s Mill (no. 9) which led to the innovative introduction of creamery and cheese manufacture in 1892. This was the first creamery per se in Kanturk. The mill underwent yet another transformation in its manufacture of feeding compound under Tim G. and Eugene Daly. It is now a timber processing establishment.